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GLN Healthcare Implementation Scenarios

In Healthcare GLNs can be used for identification of specific shelf locations where medical records are stored within a medical records storage facility. They can also be used to identify where records were sent and their current location.

Other scenarios of usage:

  • Inventory management and product recall: GLNs identify locations where products are stored including room, shelf, cupboard, cabinet or refrigerator.
  • Patient tracking and bed management: GLNs identify wards, theatres, imaging departments – (X-Ray), recovery rooms and bed bays so that patient whereabouts can be unambiguously recorded and provided to consultants, bed managers, relatives and others.
  • Sample tracking: GLNs identify pick up points and laboratories reception so that sample location can be recorded accurately and in real-time.
  • Dispensed medicine tracking: GLNs identify pick up points, dispensaries and ward stock areas so that medicines can be recorded and tracked accurately and in real-time.
  • Medical equipment: GLNs identify equipment libraries, wards, theatres, clinics where medical equipment is located enabling the equipment to be located for planned maintenance or for reallocation to other users.
  • Adverse event analysis: GLNs provide clear and unambiguous identification of where events took place. This is valuable to hospitals when performing adverse event analysis.
  • Managing other services such as cleaning and maintenance: GLNs identify locations to be cleaned or containing equipment to be maintained.
  • Identifying the roles of participating organisations involved in co-development of clinical trials.

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