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GLNs In Product Traceability And Recall

Product traceability is essential in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors where product quality may have major implications for patient safety. Companies already have legal and regulatory obligations to be able to trace and recall their products if issues arise. However, tracing is challenging due to the complexity of the supply chain and the range of systems and processes inuse.

The GS1 Traceability in Healthcare standard provides a single global interoperable mechanism for traceability and recall management. GLNs, in conjunction with GTINs and serialised product identifiers, enable product tracing across the supply chain, with each transfer of control or transfer of ownership identified by the GLN of the receiving party. Manufacturers and clinical trial sponsors use GLNs to identify each party handling their products to ensure the integrity of the product and to combat counterfeiting. Clinical trial stakeholders expect that the use of GLNs will integrate well into current recall processes without requiring substantive changes. Their use will complement and facilitate increased accuracy. Finally, healthcare providers use GLNs in conjunction with GTIN and Global Service Relation Number (GSRN) identifiers to ensure that products, equipment, staff, and patients can be traced within a healthcare facility.

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