GLNs in hospitals and other clinical locations

Hospitals and other clinical locations trade with multiple industries, for example, medical, diagnostic, hospitality, cleaning, office supplies and more. In addition, these organizations can perform multiple functions, for example, a pharmacy or inpatient hospital ward may also be a clinical trial site. A given GLN can be used by trading partners across different sectors. Providing that no change has been made that is contrary to the GLN Allocation Rules, the GLN can also be used across functions, e.g. the GLN identifying a doctor’s office doesn’t change even though the office functions as both a medical consultation facility and a clinical trial site.

GLNs can be used to identify retail pharmacies, doctor’s offices, dentist’s surgeries, private laboratories and other relevant healthcare-related locations. The principles of allocation and use of GLNs for these facilities remain in line with the allocation principles for other supply chain parties.

It is recommended that hospitals and other clinical locations communicate their GLNs and the related location master data to all trading partners in all industry sectors and request that the GLNs be used. Without this step, trading partners may be unaware that GLNs have been allocated and so omit to use them, relying on proprietary internal codes, e.g. site numbers in clinical trials, that are prone to duplication when communicated externally.

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