Shipping Guidelines

Gordmans Shipping Guidelines: Carton Requirements

Carton markings are only required on one side, preferred placement on the lower right of the long side. Make sure the style number(s) stand out for efficient sorting by using large and/or bold font. Professional or college team orders must have the team name on outside of carton.

  • Use standard size 4 x 6 in labels or stamped cartons.
  • No less than 20 point font for stamped carton info and non-UCC labels.
  • If using cartons stamped with shipping information and printed labels, please ensure that the information matches exactly. If it does not match, please cross out the stamped information on the carton. This includes any incorrect pictures or symbols.
  • Please do not cover valid carton markings with a printed label that identifies the contents of the carton unless the same information is also on the carton.

Gordmans requests that suppliers become production EDI approved.

To learn more about EDI and become a certifiedĀ EDI Professional please visit ourĀ course schedule page.

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