Gordmans EDI 850

Gordmans EDI 850 Purchase Order Standards

By implementing EDI standards and technologies, Gordmans can expedite the movement of merchandise through the supply chain insuring a smooth flow from trading partners to the selling floor, better management of inventories, increased sales and enhanced customer service. Find below EDI 850 Purchase Order guides.

  1. All vendors must respond to the 850 Purchase Order with an accurate 997 Functional Acknowledgement within 72 hours of receipt of the 850 Purchase Order.
  2. You must be capable of retransmitting all EDI documents within 24 hours of request.
  3. Gordmans (SRI) supports the use of pre-packs to streamline the flow of distribution. There are three EDI PO formats utilize to electronically transmit purchase orders written with packs:
    • Transmit the order in the same format as a bulk order, the basic 850 format.
    • Note: The SRI buying office will forward the pack breakdown to the appropriate party within the vendor’s company.
    • The order is to be shipped based on the pack breakdown from the buying office. Failure to do so will be considered non-compliant, and subject to non-compliance charges.
    • Transmit the number of packs, the pack UPC, and include the pack breakdown in the EDI PO.
    • The vendor is required to provide the pack UPC in the ASN and EDI invoice. This requires the use of the 850 PO format using SLN segment.
    • Transmit messages in the MGS segment of the 850 and terms in the ITD segment.
    • SRI will transmit a message when the order has pre-packs on them. Example: “This order contains pre-packs”. If there are NO pre-packs on the order, then NO message will be sent. Payment Terms will be sent in the ITD segment of the 850.
  4. The 810 Invoice must be sent within 24 hours of shipment pickup from vendor’s warehouse.

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