Gordmans EDI

Gordmans Electronic Data Interchange Guidelines

Gordmans is committed to supporting the Universal Product Code (UPC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS), and the Uniform Code Council (UCC) standards.

By implementing these standards and technologies, Stage Stores, Inc. (SRI) can expedite the movement of merchandise through the supply chain insuring a smooth flow from trading partners to the selling floor, better management of inventories, increased sales and enhanced customer service. The amount of business that our companies transact may be affected by your ability, or inability, to partner with SRI on EDI.

SRI Required EDI documents

  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order (including both bulk and spreadsheet formats.)
  • 856 ASN Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN must be accurate and linked to GS1-128 Shipping Container labels attached to every carton)
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • 210 Freight Invoice
  • 860 PO Change

SRI Supported EDI documents

  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement – Only for Vendors participating in a VMI program. (Sometimes referred to as a “Reverse PO)
  • 852 Sales/Activity Report

Summary of Standards:

  • GXS is SRI’s only Value Added Network (VAN) for all inbound and outbound files.
  • SRI does not pay interconnect fees for users.
  • SRI must be able to access your UPC’s via the GXS catalog.
  • All new Vendors will be added using the 4010 VICS version of the EDI standard.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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