grocery EDI transactions

Grocery EDI Transactions: Industry Specifics For Electronic Documents

The difference between grocery EDI transactions and all-industry EDI transactions appeared due to development of electronic data interchange standards. EDI standardization became more sophisticated and therefore grocery industry required some peculiarities to be added to the electronic data interchange standards. This influenced the appearance of 875, 876 and 880 electronic EDI transactions.

875 Grocery Products Purchase Order. This document provides information regarding placement of an order for grocery products. 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order can be used as a request for finished goods from a grocery supplier company. The given electronic data interchange transaction cannot be used for sending purchase order changes or purchase order acknowledgment.

876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change. This electronic data interchange transaction is used for sending information about changing of a grocery purchase order. Usualy EDI 876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change is sent by a grocery retailer/wholesaler to request a change to a previously submitted grocery EDI purchase order. In 876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change changes are made by restating the value of the document data elements to be changed. If some value need to be deleted, the exhisting value is changed to zero or blank. The quantity of an item to be deleted also should be changed for zero.

880 Grocery Products Invoice. The 880 electronic data interchange document is used to provide billing information about ordered grocery products. It is used by a supplier or broker as a payment request to a grocery retailer/wholesaler.

Grocery industry is a very competitive business and today retailers concentrate on raising electronic operational efficiency as well as clients’ quick service. Electronic data interchange is becoming more and more widespread and is used as an effective opimization tool for day-to-day business operations. Using grocery electronic data interchange transactions positively influences everyday documents workflow and therefore promotes business efficiency.

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