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Grocery EDI notes for electronic business operations

Grocery EDI can be regarded as a decision that can improve grocery supply chain. Grocery industry is a very competitive business and today retailers concentrate on raising operational efficiency as well as clients’ quick service. Electronic data interchange is becoming more and more widespread and is used as an effective tool for day-to-day business operations. Using EDI positively influences everyday documents workflow and therefore promotes business efficiency. Today in the blog we will mention some specifics regarding purchase orders and invoices used in grocery industry.

Electronic orders and invoices are faster and more accurate than e-mails or fax messages. That is why most big retailers require their suppliers to use EDI and be EDI compliant.

Grocers send to their suppliers either 850 or 875 EDI orders. While 850 EDI is used as an order in many industries, 875 order type is defined directly for grocery EDI transactions. It is called 875 Grocery Products Purchase Order. Both of order types are quite similar and include line item numbers, price, quantity, discounts and shipping notes. Some retailers send only 875 purchase order, other support both 875 and 850 grocery EDI purchase order.

Invoices are sent from supplier (vendor) to retailer. There are also two types of invoice – either 810 or 880. 810 EDI invoice is paired with 850 purchase order, while 880 is paired with 875 grocery EDI purchase order. These two types of invoices are very similar.

The difference between all-industry and grocery orders and invoices appeared due to development of EDI standards. Standardization became more sophisticated and therefore grocery industry required some peculiarities to be added to the standards. This influenced the appearance of 875 and 880 transactions.

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