GS1-128/SSCC-18 requirements and guidelines for vendors

Certification for GS1-128/SSCC-18 shipping labels is $75 per label/per ship point. Suppliers will not be placed into a ‘P’ production status on the EDI-856 transaction until their GS1-128/SSCC-18 shipping label is certified.

General Requirements

Every NFR transport package (pallet or carton) shipped to any JCPenney unit (Retail Store, Store Support Center, Logistics Center, Distribution Furniture Warehouse, and Wholesale Distribution Center) and to Bunzl for Opening Box shipments must have the GS1-128/SSCC-18 barcode labels. This label is matched to the data on the 856 Ship Notice/Manifest. Additional requirements include:

  • Pallet labels must be placed on two adjoining sides and on the outside of shrink or blanket wraps.
  • Palletized cartons do not require individual GS1-128 labels but must be labeled with the 5 NFR label requirements:
    – “NFR” descriptor
    – Purchase Order number
    – JCPenney supplier number
    – Supplier name
    – JCPenney ship unit number
  • Non-palletized (loose) cartons require the label with the 5 NFR label requirements.
  • For multiple purchase orders in a pallet or non-palletized carton, replace the purchase order number on the label with “VARIOUS” and attach a separate pallet label/document with all the purchase order numbers listed.
  • The shipping labels are in addition to any general Procurement NFR label requirements.

GS1 Standards 

JCPenney shipping labels adhere to the guidelines from the “GS1 General Specifications Section 2.2.4: GS1 Logistics Label Design”.

JCPenney requests that shipping labels adhere to the GS1 standardized modular structure using information zones.

Note: For suppliers implementing the EDI-856 transaction, and not using the modular information zone structure in the GS1-128 – but using label standards from our Procurement (NFR) Labeling Guidelines, you must place a separate SSCC-18 barcode label below the carton label.

Serial Shipping Container Code [SSCC]

The SSCC-18 number of the shipping labels must not be re-used for a minimum of 12 months.

Symbol Quality 

The minimum ANSI print grade for the GS1-128 symbols is “C”. Recommend “B” or better.

Print Media

GS1-128 symbols are typically printed on white labels. The label surface should be neither glossy (causes mirror-like [specular] reflection) nor prone to smearing or smudging. It is the responsibility of the shipper to use print media that will not smudge during the transport process.

Below see examples of JCPenney GS1-128 labels.




GS1-128 GS1-128 GS1-128 GS1-128 GS1-128

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