GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue (SHIPPING CONTAINER LABEL)

GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue is required to maximize the ASN opportunity. GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue is required on all EDI shipments. The purpose of the GS1-128 is to connect the physical units of a vendor’s shipment with its electronic information. Saks does this by scanning the GS1-128 label and electronically matching it to the information in Saks ASN file. Once this is accomplished and verified, Saks is able to acknowledge the shipment, validate its accuracy, book into inventory, and send the merchandise directly to the stores. For GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue label format approval, email a copy to

Any EDI shipments received without a GS1-128 label will be assessed an expense offset fee.

  • Ensure label is in legible and scanable condition upon arrival to Saks DC or store locations.
  • GS1-128 labels are not usable unless they are accompanied by a valid EDI-856 ASN. Confirm your GS1-128 label matches the ASN data.
  • Apply one GS1-128 label per carton. Do not apply the same barcode number to multiple cartons in a shipment.
  • Per GS1 US, a SSCC number should not be used to identify another shipping container for a minimum of 12 months from the time it is shipped to a trading partner.

Affix your GS1-128 Shipping Container Label on the longest side of the carton, not on the front. Ensure the label is placed upright (not sideways). It should be scanable, at least an ANSI “C” grade. Do not place it on a seam or around the corners of the carton. If your shipping carton is less than 4” in height (i.e., dress box), wrap the top of the label over (ensure the GS1-128 20 digit serialized shipping container code is positioned within band so it is scanable) or affix it on the top of the box.

GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue

GS1-128 Label Saks Fifth Avenue


The SSCC-18 serialized carton code number on any Saks Fifth Avenue GS1-128 carton label must remain unique and cannot be reused or duplicated for ANY shipment for ANY Saks Fifth Avenue Operating Companies for a period of 12-months or an expense offset fee will be assessed. The uniqueness of the SSCC-18 is controlled in the S1-S9 (serialized) section of the number, which is assigned by each vendor.

Do not affix additional 20-digit barcode label in SSCC-18 format other than GS1-128.

If the shipping carton is also to be displayed on the selling carton, do not cover the product model number, UPC code, or any other consumer identification information with the GS1-128 label.

Saks Fifth Avenue prefers a SSCC-18 (GS1-128) label using subset C and printed using 20 Mil. This results in a barcode that is just over 1.25” tall x 3” wide. The actual label size should be 4” x 6”. For 4050VICS, group number to be included in Zone E. Store # in Zone H should be at minimum 24 font size.

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