GS1-128 Shipping Label

Nordstrom Label For EDI Shipments

GS1-128 Shipping Label must be generated in accordance with GS1 (Global Standards) US, Nordstrom’s label requirements follow standard GS1/EAN SSCC-18 common label formats. Detailed information about the SSCC-18 data structure and associated GS1/EAN-128 symbol can be found online at

Expense offset fees are applied if the GS1-128 labels are missing or unscannable. Reasons why a label would be identified as missing or unscannable:

• If GS1-128 label is missing from cases
• Does not scan at all
• Scans incorrectly (sometimes the number will “wrap” (the last digit is read as first)
• More/less than 20 digits
• Invalid characters (presence of symbols or alpha characters)
• Duplicate UPC barcodes (duplicate barcodes won’t be accepted into warehouse system)
• Photocopy (photocopies of labels taped to cases will not scan correctly)
• Poor print quality will cause the label not to scan correctly (UPC barcode prints with “skip lines” if printer skipped while printing)
• Defaced
• Partially missing
• No quiet space around UPC barcode (cannot “bleed” off the edge of the label)
• UPC barcode and human readable are different (UPC barcode must decode to the human readable number printed on the label)
• UPC barcode is too big (bleeds to edge of label) or too small
• Tape over label (including “clear” tape).

Nordstrom supports Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It is Nordstrom intention to eliminate all paper media by trading business electronically via VICS EDI. Suppliers must send or receive 856 and related GS1-128 label documents.

Nordstrom GS1/EAN 128 Label Zones and Dimensions

The label is formatted into several information zones. Zones include both human readable information and GS1/EAN-128 information. Each zone contains a zone title, indicating the information contained in that zone. These titles should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the zone in 6 pt. text.

All EDI documents are traded at the UPC (or EAN) level; therefore suppliers must be 100% supplier UPC marked and provide OpenText or InterTrade their UPC catalog before trading EDI.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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