Company Unique Identification With A GS1 Company Prefix

A company prefix that complies with GS1 Standards is a unique identification number that is assigned to just your company by GS1 US. It’s the foundation of GS1 Standards and can be found in all the GS1 Identification Numbers. The most common examples are GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers) and GLNs (Global Location Numbers).

Obtaining a GS1 Company Prefix provides proof that your company, and only your company, is authorized to use a particular GS1 Company Prefix. To verify this, your customers can view the GS1 Company Database (GEPIR®), the database of all unique GS1 Company Prefixes and the companies to which they are registered.

The cost of a GS1 Company Prefix is determined by the number of digits in the prefix. You should carefully consider the number of products you are currently producing. Keep in mind that each variation of a product needs a unique Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) that will then be placed in your U.P.C. barcodes. For example, if a style/model of a product is produced in four colors and four sizes, you would need to assign 16 unique numbers (GTINs) to that particular style. You should also consider the amount of products your company is planning to produce in the near future (about three years). That way, you will have enough numbering capacity and can avoid need for additional prefixes too frequently.

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