GS1 Data Capture

GS1 Data Capturing Standards

GS1 Data Carriers are capable of holding varying amounts of data to accommodate different needs for different products. The data encoded in GS1 Data Carriers not only uniquely identifies products at every level of packaging, it provides access to product information and visibility of product movement through the supply chain.

Barcodes (Carries a Global Trade Item Number):

*For products that are sold at retail.

And (optional):

  • EPC®-enabled RFID (Carries a Serialized GTIN)

Barcodes for a case or pallet:

  • ITF-14 (Carries a GTIN)
  • GS1-128 (Carries a GTIN with extended data or a Serial Shipping Container Code)
  • EPC-enabled RFID (Carries an SGTIN or an SSCC).

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