Digital Link for Retail

GS1 Digital Link for Retail Business

GS1 Digital Link “web-enables” barcodes by providing a simple, standards-based structure for encoded data in any 2D line-of-sight data carrier. Given that GS1 Digital Link is a standards-based structure, it allows the use of simple rules so apps, websites, and POS scanners can enable connections, shopping experiences, interesting product content, and more.

Digital Link helps make it possible to improve safety and efficiency within your operations. It makes it possible for you to:

  • Flag recalled, expired, or counterfeit products in the warehouse and at the point of sale
  • Automatically discount products nearing or past their expiration date
  • Conduct more effective returns management and deliver better consumer experience
  • Improve business-to-business processes for data sharing

How Digital Link works

Consumers scan a single barcode with their smartphones. Your employees scan the same code in your warehouse or at the point of sale. In both cases, the web-enabled barcode directs the user to an intelligent product identity in the cloud. Based on that intelligent product identity, your employee or consumer is directed to a variety of digital content and services to enhance safety and experience.

To learn more about EDI barcoding and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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