GS1 EANCOM Standard

GS1 EANCOM is a subset of the UN/EDIFACT standard (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport). EANCOM contains only the message elements required by business applications and mandated by the syntax. Omitted are optional elements not relevant for GS1 users. EANCOM are Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards so that transactional information can be exchanged by trading partner.

GS1 EANCOM Message Types

  • Master Data Messages
  • Business Transaction Messages
  • Transport and Delivery Messages
  • Payment and Financial Messages
  • Report and Planning Messages
  • Syntax and Service Report Message
  • Security Messages
  • Other Messages
  • Common Libraries

The basis for EANCOM standard is EDIFACT. EANCOM is considered to be a detailed instruction for the implementation UN / EDIFACT standard messages. In EANCOM, a product or service has to be marked with the special standard number of the article – EAN. Each customer has to be identified with the appropriate location related EAN number. These identifications are unique.

EANCOM standard and its implementation has significantly facilitated the automatic data processing. EAN numbers (identification numbers) are uniform all over the world.

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