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Ordering, delivering and paying better using GS1 EDI Solutions

All partners in the global healthcare supply chain, including healthcare providers, suppliers and third-party companies may benefit from GS1 EDI in Healthcare processes. The need to increase the speed and accuracy of transactions between healthcare parties is growing. This helps to offer a better quality of care. Getting the right product on time, less ordering errors and lowering costs for orders, delivery and invoicing are the key points achieved by using EDI. Let’s compare solutions without and with EDI.

Without EDI and the global guideline

  • Manual entry errors
  • Customer order errors
  • Increased waiting times
  • Continuously tracking of data points is time-consuming and inefficient
  • Use of many disparate systems mean interpretation of data between systems
  • High operating costs for paper transactions
  • Lack of accuracy and risk for human error increases costs
  • Reduced productivity and complex trading cycle also increases costs
  • Lack of standardised business processes
  • Countries with different EDI guidelines lead to increased complexity
  • Requires that all parties involved must manually link the physical flow of materials and products with the flow of information; lack of traceability limits possible improvements in quality of care

With GS1 EDI and the global guideline

  • Instant exchange of business data
  • Lower operating costs: Saves time and money
  • No risk of data entry error
  • Less errors means greater accuracy due to no data entry and less human error
  • Seamless integration of complete supply chain processes
  • Increased productivity; more efficient personnel and faster throughput
  • Faster trading cycle with streamlined processes for improved trading relationships
  • Buyers, sellers and other participants save time and money when the business process, from contract to invoice, is carried out electronically and according to agreed upon rules
  • Facilitate system integration and reduce development costs
  • Enable and ease integration of new business partners
  • Consistent business processes mean quality of care and patient safety are improved

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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