GS1 Standards in Healthcare

Applying Global GS1 Standards in Healthcare

Healthcare partners have different business processes and use different standards. GS1 standards are global, created by users for users and can support multiple business processes. GS1 EDI standards in healthcare are developed based on analysing the actual business processes of all companies involved.

How to start working with GS1 standards?

Check with your local GS1 MO regarding the Message Implementation Guide available for your market. Make sure they are aligned to the global guideline Global healthcare multinationals with operations in different countries are having issues with overlap since many local EDI implementation guides for healthcare are for local use.

To support healthcare companies in their daily businesses and to allow them to get the best of GS1 EDI standards to gain value, GS1 together with manufacturers, hospitals, solution providers and GS1 MOs have developed the global guideline to align GS1 EDI standards for use throughout the global healthcare supply chain, from supplier to logistics end-user. They developed a business process model to ensure a common understanding of the entire healthcare supply chain.

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