GS1 Standard

GS1 Standards Relationship: Lightweight Messaging Standard and Digital Link

Lightweight Messaging Standard is the first GS1 technical standard to make use of the new GS1 Digital Link syntax. A GS1 Digital Link resolver is already operational at and can be configured with several typed redirection links by each licensee of a GS1 identification key. One of these typed links can point to the relevant service for verification of product identifiers, as nominated by the respective brand owner. The team developing the GS1 Digital Link resolver prototype at are carefully examining HDA requirements and draft specifications for lookup directories to ensure that equivalent functional capabilities can be supported by the GS1 Digital Link resolver at, including the ability to handle redirection to multiple verification services for the same GTIN concurrently to deal with specific merger and acquisition issues (i.e., when mergers and acquisitions of companies and brands require concurrent operations over a period of time during the changeover period while products with the same GTIN from the previous brand owner and new brand owner coexist within the supply chain).

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