GTIN Accuracy

Do it Best Corp. GTIN Accuracy Strategy

Do it Best Corp. recommends that members adhere to guidelines to ensure GTIN accuracy within their stores. Problems with GTIN quality or accuracy should be reported to the Product Code Specialist. The following procedure will be followed in dealing with GTIN problems reported by members:

  1. The member should check the GTIN number on file in his computer system and cross reference it with the number produced by scanning the product barcode. If the code is accurate, go to step 2.
  2. The member should ensure that the equipment is scanning other products properly. (To eliminate the possibility of faulty equipment.) If the equipment is functioning properly, go to step 3.
  3. If the number of digits underneath the barcode is 8, 13 or any number other than 12 (the number of digits in the standard UPC Version A), then the scanning equipment may have encountered a valid barcode that it has not been properly configured to scan. If this is the case, contact your scanning equipment supplier for assistance. Otherwise, go to step 4.
  4. The member should call the Do it Best Corp. Product Code Specialist and report the problem.
  5. The Product Code Specialist will check to see if Do it Best Corp. entered the GTIN number correctly. If so, move on to step 6.
  6. The Product Code Specialist will contact the vendor to verify the GTIN number. If Do it Best Corp. is in error, a correction to the item file will be made immediately. In addition, a file maintenance change will be issued to all members who communicate electronically with Do it Best Corp.
  7. If the Do it Best Corp. Product Code file is correct, the SKU will be scanned (from the warehouse stock). If it is found to be inaccurate, a random sample of items provided by that vendor will be performed. The vendor will then be notified of all known product code problems.

Do it Best Corp. Vendor Requirements

Do it Best Corp. requires that vendors perform periodic quality checks on GTIN codes. Any new product offered by the vendor must also be in accordance with standards. Any changes to Do it Best Corp. products affecting GTIN information must be reported to the Do it Best Corp. Product Code Specialist prior to the product shipment.

The vendor must provide a Product Code Coordinator/Contact to work with Do it Best Corp. for the purpose of verifying GTIN codes and resolving any GTIN problems that arise. It is important that this person be given sufficient authority to rectify GTIN problems. In some instances, this may require a decision to: redesign product packaging, change GTIN printing method, or change GTIN location on a product.

When to Change GTIN Generally, a manufacturer should not assign more than one GTIN code to the same product. Conversely, wholesalers and retailers may want to consolidate the sales history of “like” items. From a selling standpoint, some products may be substitutable for others. If the items are similar in all major respects, wholesalers and retailers may choose to track the “like” items under one stock keeping unit (SKU) number and assign multiple GTIN numbers to it. This is often the case when more than one supplier is used for a particular SKU. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers should be aware of those instances where changing a product GTIN code is appropriate.

Instances where change is appropriate:

  • Product weight change
  • Quantity or count change
  • Bonus packs (i.e. 30% more free promotions)
  • Promotional price-off on label
  • Free item enclosed in pack
  • Holiday packs (modification for seasonal theme)
  • After a merger or acquisition.

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