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GTIN EAN/UCC-13 (EAN-13) (Do It Best Corp.)

The International Article Numbering System (EAN) is based on the UPC-A standard. This standard was implemented mostly because the UPC-A standard was not well designed for international use. The EAN/UCC-13 may be configured with the first 12 digits containing the EAN.UCC Company Prefix and Item Reference Number. The 13th digit represents a check digit. The International Article Numbering Association, located in Brussels, Belgium assigns these codes. The first two digits represent a country code ranging from 00 through 99. The codes 00, 01, 03, 04 and 06 through 09 are assigned to the United States. Companies who are based or do a large percentage of business outside the United States primarily use EAN. The only difference between a UPC-A symbol and an EAN-13 symbol is that the number system code is 2-digits long in EAN-13 as opposed to 1 digit in UPC-A. Visually the human-readable check digit is placed below the barcode instead of to the right of it, but this does not make any difference, technically speaking, regarding the encoding itself.

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