H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice

H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice: Commonly Used Terms

H-E-B EDI Advanced Shipping Notice contributes to the efficiency of the supply chain in several ways. First, it allows to obtain the receiving details for a purchase order electronically, reducing the likelihood of key-entry error by H-E-B receiving clerks. It also speeds the receiving process, and provides important information to H-E-B systems, such as the expiration date for products that are code dated. Accurate receiving results benefit H-E-B trading partners as well, by reducing invoice claim and disputes.

Definition of Commonly Used Terms

H-E-B utilizes the Pick and Pack ASN method for warehouse receiving. H-E-B required hierarchy levels (HL) are S,O,T,P,I.

Shipment is one or more orders defined in the Advance Shipping Notice and limited to a single delivery or Trailer contents.

Order – Purchase Orders transmitted by H-E-B provide information critical to successfully implementing the 856 ASN. H-E-B primarily transmits purchase order information to the vendor using the 875 or 876 Purchase Order transactions set. H-E-B also supports the 850 Purchase Order transaction set.

Tare hierarchy level is used to identify a transport package, which may be a pallet, master container, or other physical unit of load. The SSCC-18 (frequently referred to as the license plate) is the method of identification for a transport package. By standard, the Tare level should define a single physical pallet. Abbreviated as: HL = T.

Pack hierarchy level as defined by ASC X12, implies that items in the carton are the same U.P.C. number. H-E-B considers the pack level to be composed of one or more cases. It is important to note that H-E-B relies entirely on the Pack Level UPCs and corresponding case quantities in determining proper receipt of product. Abbreviated as: HL = P.

Item Hierarchical level is used primarily for descriptive purposes. Elements in this segment include free text descriptions, selling unit UPC’s and the consumer units included at each pack level. Abbreviation: HL = I.

UCC-128 Shipping Container Code or SSCC-18 (Serial Shipping Container Code) is used identify individual shipping containers. The SSCC-18 a critical element in the 856 Advance Shipping Notice as well as the physical Marking and Numbering of palletized shipments. That when preceded with the Application Identifier (00), indicating it is a SSCC-18, the Bar Code is 20 digits.

Components of the SSCC-18 00 + Extension (1 digit) + Company Prefix (7 digits) + Serial Reference Number (9 digits) + checksum.

ASN EDI Transaction Specification – H-E-B supports the 4010 version of the Advance Ship Notice Manifest 856.

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