Halliburton EDI Invoice

Halliburton EDI Invoice (Supplier Procedures)

Halliburton EDI Invoice can be submitted through EDI as one of the e-Commerce methods. To ensure the timely payment of invoices and to prevent invoices from being returned for lack of information, the Halliburton EDI Invoicee requirements must be followed. For vendors currently submitting hard-copy invoices and wanting to move to e-Commerce solution, Halliburton’s preference is to do so through the iPortal or EDI.

Halliburton EDI Invoice Requirements

  • Only invoices will be paid. Statements, delivery tickets, pro-forma invoices or other documents will not be processed for payment.
  • Invoice amounts for freight, fuel, and other surcharges must also appear on the PO if applicable.

Here’s a list of the general information that should be included on your company’s invoice:

  1. Company’s invoice number
  2. Invoice date
  3. If applicable, a 10-digit purchase order (PO) number or Financial Invoice (FI) number, which should be labeled as PO # on the invoice.
    • A single PO number which consists of a 10-digit number beginning with 41, 42, 43, 45, 55 or 81
    • A single non-PO number or Financial Invoice (FI) number which consists of a 10- digit number beginning with 82. This is also known as an FI Pre-Approval (FI)
    • Ensure that the entire PO/FI number is visible. Do not truncate the number as this will invalidate the number o Only reference the applicable PO/FI number on the invoices that matches the products/services purchased
  4. If applicable, reference only a single Halliburton Contract by Halliburton Contract Number, a 10-digit number beginning with 96 or 46
  5. Payment remit-to address
  6. Valid Halliburton bill-to legal entity
  7. Total price (in the same currency the PO or FI was issued in)
  8. Unit price (in the same currency the PO or FI was issued in)
  9. Unit of measurement (in the same measurement the PO or FI was issued in)
  10. Halliburton Material Numbers for each of the goods, as applicable
  11. External Service Number (ESN) for each of the services, as applicable
  12. Description of the goods or services
  13. Quantity of the goods or services
  14. Tax amount, as applicable
  15. Invoice currency.

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