Halliburton Supplier EDI Integration

Halliburton Supplier EDI Integration (Supplier EDI Program)

Halliburton Supplier EDI Integration supposes all transactions will be electronic and no paper documents will be processed. EDI implementation guides for purchase orders and invoices will be provided to the supplier or to the supplier’s EDI service provider. As part of on-boarding a supplier for EDI, a testing process will be completed and appropriate approvals obtained.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a way to exchange business documents electronically with Halliburton using established standards for file formats and transmission methods. Halliburton Supplier EDI Integration is used to cooperate with suppliers, customers, freight carriers, and banks. Partners looking to optimize business processes and avoid manual data entry can benefit significantly by using EDI.

It is essential suppliers understand that the exchange of EDI transactions must be performed in this basic sequence:

  1. Halliburton issues POs, which are transmitted hourly to the supplier’s EDI system
  2. The supplier’s EDI system will transmit a functional acknowledgment (997) upon receipt
  3. The supplier will ship the materials ordered
  4. The buyer will create a goods receipt on the PO in Halliburton’s purchasing system. The supplier will transmit to Halliburton’s EDI system an invoice which includes any applicable additional charges (e.g., freight charges) and taxes
  5. The invoice will be pulled in overnight and get posted to the PO based on PO number AND invoice line item number. If the PO number and invoice line item numbers on the invoice don’t match the PO, the invoice will not be paid
  6. Halliburton will transmit a functional acknowledgment (997) upon receipt
  7. Any corrections/changes MUST be processed with additional EDI invoice transactions. This may require that the supplier transmit a credit to offset an incorrect invoice value.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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