Hallmark Retail EDI

Hallmark Retail EDI requirements for invoicing and billing procedures

Hallmark Retail EDI program demands that each location receiving merchandise must be invoiced separately. Each purchase order must be invoiced separately. The Hallmark Retail EDI invoice must include:
• Hallmark Retail six digit Purchase Order number
• The Store Number
• Invoice in same unit of measure as the Purchase Order (Example: If 12 widgets are priced at $1.00 each, the invoice needs to reflect the same. The invoice should NOT be sent as 1 set of 12 at $12.00 if at all possible)
• Break out any Tax or Freight separately
• Reference payment terms, remittance address, company phone and fax number
• Reference vendor’s Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) (This will need to be on record only. It does not need to appear on each invoice)
• A copy of your companies’ W9 is required by law and will need to be kept on file within Hallmark Retail. Please provide the W9 copy with the signed agreement form attached to this packet.
• Invoices received without the above information may be returned for correction. Dating and payment terms will begin upon the receipt of the corrected invoice.
• Original invoices should be sent via EDI, e-mail or mailed to the following address:
Hallmark Retail, LLC
C/O Crown Financial Services
P.O. Box 418307, MD #357 Kansas City, MO 64141-9307

If vendors are capable of submitting invoices via EDI they should contact Hallmark Retail EDI department to discuss and establish connection requirements.

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