HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice

HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice Guidelines For Suppliers

HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice to the responsible carrier must be sent in time to comply with the due date of delivery to the destination (unloading point) specified by HARMAN. The carrier must be provided with all data relevant to the delivery prior to shipping. These data include:

Collection address:

  • Address of SUPPLIER
  • HARMAN SUPPLIER number (as on the delivery call-off)
  • Collection date and time

Delivery address:

  • Destination/ unloading point
  • Delivery date

Consignment data:

  • Quantity, type of shipping units, where appropriate load meter
  • Gross weight
  • Where appropriate, customs declaration

HARMAN EDI Shipping Advice from SUPPLIER to the carrier designated by HARMAN should be sent by EDI/WebEDI. Until implementation of EDI/ WebEDI, the advice forms and procedures of the respective carrier are to be used. The carrier shall collect the shipment within a specific time slot, or at the specific time agreed between SUPPLIER and the carrier.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) as method of information interchange is fundamental to all supplier relations with HARMAN. SUPPLIER should use EDI to receive and transmit information

Labeling Methods

All shipping units are to be identified by a master label. The following minimum data are required with barcode included:

  • HARMAN type/HARMAN part number
  • Total quantity
  • Name of SUPPLIER/ SUPPLIER code or number
  • Date Code/Traceability.

In the case of heterogeneous shipping units (mixed containers), SUPPLIER must ensure it that:

  • the transport packaging is identified as a “mixed shipment”
  • All HARMAN part numbers in the container are identified with their respective total quantities and different releases within the shipping unit are physically separated from each other and clearly identified.

The smallest packing units are marked by a barcode. Barcodes are obligatory for minimum information requested below:

1. HARMAN type/HARMAN part number
2. Quantity per packing unit
3. Date Code/Traceability
4. Name of SUPLLIER/ SUPPLIER code or number
5. Batch identification.

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