Hayneedle Shipping Label

Hayneedle Shipping Label Requirements (Drop Ship)

Hayneedle Shipping Label is an identification label affixed to a container which specifies contents of the shipping container. Hayneedle Shipping Label helps describe and specify what’s inside a package. Hayneedle has certain requirements when it comes to shipping labels. The company requires that vendors use Hayneedle preferred carriers and use the correct labels in accordance to those carriers.

If an address is entered incorrectly the vendor will be responsible for all address change charges associated with the order. The information required on each shipping label by the vendor is outlined below:

  • Vendor Address
  • Purchase order number (digits only) the purchase order number will be entered into the carrier’s system or given to them on the bill of lading. This will ensure that all orders shipped on Hayneedle 3rd party carrier account number and are referenced will automatically receive tracking within 24 hours after the item had shipped.
  • Correct customer address

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