Hayneedle Vendor Certification

Hayneedle Vendor Certification (Drop Ship) Requirements

Hayneedle Vendor certification should be passed according to the requirements in order to establish business workflow and to have vendor invoices paid in a timely manner. The following is the required information you need to know in order to have your invoices processed promptly. Invoices can be submitted for payment using different methods but Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is preferred.

What information is required on vendor invoices to ensure timely payment? Invoices must include the following information to ensure timely processing:

  • Each purchase order must be on separate invoice
  • Ship to name and address for the customer
  • Purchase order number
  • Date shipped
  • Item detail for product(s)
  • Remit‐to address for vendor and vendor name
  • Payment terms
  • Any other miscellaneous data related to the order
  • Invoice number (must be unique, cannot be duplicated)
  • Invoice total must match detail lines
  • Any allowances must be listed as separate line items

Hayneedle Drop Ship Vendor Performance Certification Program Details

Hayneedle has a certification program for high-performing vendors. High-performing vendors will not receive debits for specific shipping errors. Certification will be based on quarterly performance and if achieved, the certification will apply to the subsequent quarter. All three criterion must be met and performance is visible via our supplier portal. In order to be considered for Certification, a vendor must have at least 90 days of demand as measured by their first order date and have a minimum of 45 orders per quarter.

On Time Shipping:

  • Each purchase order has an original committed ship date showing when the order must ship.
  • If the order does not ship by the original committed ship date it will then be reported on the monthly compliance reporting for distribution to the vendor.
  • If the order is one day late we do not assess a debit, however we do report it to you.
  • If the order is late by 3-4 business days beyond the original committed ship date, a debit is issued.
  • If the order is late by 5 plus business days beyond the original committed ship date then a debit is issued.
  • If the order has a lead time of < 2 days, compliance charges will be waived.
  • Certified Vendors are exempt.

To learn more about EDI vendor relationships and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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