Health Care EDI Training

Health Care EDI Training San-Diego, CA

Health Care EDI Training hosted by EDI Academy will take place in San-Diego, CA on July 21-23, 2017. You are welcome to our Health Care EDI Training to refresh your health care EDI knowledge and get more practice at our advanced workshop. If you would like to get more info about any future Health Care EDI Training, you can visit our web-site.

You can get 450$ discount for early-bird registration (before June, 25).

Find Health Care EDI Training agenda below:

Implementation and best practices of the following transactions:

  • 270 – Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
  • 271 – Health Care Eligibility Response
  • 276 – Health Care Claim Status Request
  • 277 – Health Care Claim Status Response
  • 278 – Health Care Services Review – Request for Review and Response
  • 837 – Health Care Claim Institutional
  • 837 – Health Care Claim Dental
  • 837 – Health Care Claim Professional
  • 835 – Health Care Claim Payment / Advice
  • 820 – Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products
  • 834 – Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance

Advanced training and workshop:

Enrollment, Eligibility and Prior/Referral Authorizations

  • 834 Benefit Enrollment Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises and Implementation
  • 270/271 Eligibility Inquiry and Response – Advanced EDI Mapping
  • 278 Prior Authorization and Referral Authorization

Payments, Encounters and Billing

  • 837 – Health Care Claim – Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises
  • 835 – ERA/EOB – Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises and Implementation Concepts
  • 277 RFAI/275 Attachments

Loops and Nested Loops

  • Loops and nested loops
  • HL segment (hierarchy level)
  • Maximum usage (loops) on the input and output side of the map

Other Mapping


If you are new to EDI we guarantee you an enormous amount of knowledge. If you are an expert, we guarantee you will advance your knowledge and fill in any skill gaps.

EDI Academy seminars are software-independent and vendor-neutral. The instructor for this class has over 15 years of EDI experience, as the EDI Manager for a national retail chain, he expanded EDI compliance close to 100% and is currently leading an EDI Initiative at a Fortune 500 company. Everything in the curriculum is from real-world experience. By mixing best practices with
fundamentals – this class is designed for both the novice and the seasoned EDI professional. The class has been attended by hundreds of students and gets over 98% positive rating on all course evaluations over the past two years.

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