EDI usage in Healthcare

EDI usage in Healthcare industry business and operational cycles: Production and Warehousing

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and still one of the most important trends is the increasing use of electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI can be used to automate a variety of healthcare processes. Let’s take a deeper look in Production and Warehousing processes where EDI can be used according to the GS1 EDI guidelines.


The raw material is delivered to the production site and products are manufactured. The information from the despatch advice is used in combination with the identities of the logistic units (SSCCs) to confirm that the right quantities have been delivered. The GTIN and batch/lot number of the raw material are read and registered.

The registered GTINs and batch numbers of the raw material are used in the manufacturing process to enable traceability from the product back to the raw material site. Each packaging level of the manufactured products is assigned a GTIN. The products are marked with batch/lot numbers and dates, and the information is registered in order to achieve traceability in the next stage of the supply chain.

The logistic units are marked with identities (SSCCs), and this information is also registered in order to achieve traceability at the logistic unit level.

Warehouse Preparation

The products are received and stored at the warehouse. During the storage period, physical inventories are performed. Upon receipt of a customer’s order, the ordered products are picked and logistic units are created and made ready for shipping.

Product arrivals can be managed using the identities of the logistic units (SSCCs). During storage, physical inventory can be carried out using the GTINs and batch /lot numbers of the products and the identities of the logistic units (SSCCs). Inventory management can be optimised using batch/lot numbers.

Orders may be sent electronically. Each logistic unit created at order picking is assigned an identity (SSCC). Traceability can be achieved by connecting the SSCCs with the identity of the recipient of the goods (GLN), the identities of the products (GTINs) and the batch/lot numbers.

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