HEB EDI Purchase Order

HEB EDI Purchase Order and the Advanced Shipping Notice

Using identifiers and quantities provided in HEB EDI Purchase Order transmission is critical to generating an accurate 856 ASN. H-E-B’s primary method of transmitting Purchase Orders is the through the UCS 875 004010.

The G68 segment provides the line item detail for each product being ordered. Below is an example of a G68 segment. This segment provides the primary components for identifying the products on your Advance Shipping Notice.


The GS68 provides two Mandatory data elements for your ASN Pack Level. H-E-B uses cases ‘CA’ as its standard unit of commerce. H-E-B transmits order quantities in cases (in this example 192 cases). H-E-B expects the quantity that is fulfilled to be expressed at the Pack Level Hierarchy of the ASN. On the G68 segment, the case UPC (in this example 001234598765) is defined as the item identifier.

H-E-B expects that this case UPC will be defined on the ASN with a ‘UA’ UPC/EAN Case Identifier at the Pack Level hierarchy. H-E-B determines which product is being received by evaluating the UPC provided in the Pack Level Hierarchy. The ‘UA’ should consist of 12 digits (2-5-5) as shown below to enable H-E-B to correctly identify the product received.

  • G68*192*CA*12*001234598765
  • G69*12/15OZ
  • G70*12

Some companies may not be able to define the Case UPC (UPC/EAN Case identifier) due to internal system capabilities. H-E-B allows for a ‘UK’ may be substituted for ‘UA’ as a product identifier at the Pack Level hierarchy.

The UK qualifier by standard (x.12) states that the code must be in the form 1-2-5-5-1. Typically the 1st position is a package identifier, followed by a two position UPC/EAN prefix (country code), followed by a 5 digit manufacturing ID, followed by a 5 digit product ID, followed by the check digit. As with the ‘UA’ the ‘UK’ is expected to conform to its specified 14 digits (1-2-5-5-1) to avoid being rejected. The 5 position manufacturing ID and 5 position product ID should correspond to what was transmitted in the 875.

If you receive an 850 the P01 provides the key information for your ASN:

Example 850 P01 SEGMENT PO1**192*CA*172.8*CP*UA*001234598765*IN*016967

Any UPC’s which differ from those stored in our order management system. NOTE: IF you use the UPCs from our EDI purchase orders, they should always match HEB order management system.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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