Hibbett EDI Enrollement

Hibbett EDI Enrollement Vendor Requirements

Hibbett EDI Enrollement procedures demand all vendors to follow the listed steps. First, contact the Hibbett EDI department following the Buyer’s request to begin testing. Shipment deadlines must be communicated at this time. Schedule a conference call with the EDI Department to discuss testing and questions with EDI such as SDQ / SLN segments, labels, packing, logistics and invoices. It is suggested that a vendor representative from the following departments be present: EDI, Third Party EDI (if applicable), Distribution, Logistics, Customer Service and Sales.

Hibbett EDI testing and certification is performed by a preferred 3rd party EDI solution. EDI Testing will begin only per the Hibbett Buyer’s request. The Hibbett EDI Group or Buyer will send the vendor an “EDI Partnership Setup Form” requesting key information. This information will be forwarded to DiCentral, who will contact the vendor and arrange a testing schedule. Often the Hibbett EDI group will hold a conference call with the vendor before and after the testing process with DiCentral. Vendor submits a sample GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label and price ticket (including Hibbett retail price (except on Footwear) and both human-readable and UPC barcode) to the EDI Department for approval. Vendor receives an approval e-mail from the EDI Department for finalizing and approving all tests / samples submitted.

After testing is complete, the Buyer will begin submitting live Purchase orders to be ticketed, packed, shipped and invoiced by the vendor. At that time, the vendor is REQUIRED TO BE 100% compliant and responsible for any applicable vendor violations and corresponding expense offset fees.

It is Hibbett’s intent to utilize technology to eliminate redundant data entry as well as paper documents by effectively utilizing EDI invoices (810). It is required that a unique invoice number be transmitted for each shipment by PO. Hibbett uses automation and technology to rapidly move merchandise faster through the pipeline, receives merchandise using the ASN (856) and pays vendors with EDI invoices (810). Therefore, vendors must make every effort to ensure that shipments are 100% accurate. Our Vendor Audit Program randomly checks shipments received at the Logistics Facility.

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