Hibbett EDI

Hibbett EDI Vendor Basic Policies

Hibbett EDI Vendor program means a total commitment to industry-wide technologies that utilize electronic commerce, including universal product code (upc), electronic data interchange (edi) and internet technologies. Through the use of Hibbett EDI Vendor program vendors and retail divisions will realize speed in processing, improved accuracy of data, significant sales increases, cost reductions, stock turn increases and mutual profitability.

Hibbett EDI Vendor Program requirements

Certified Hibbett EDI Vendor must be compliant in the following areas:

  • provide hibbett with a timely and accurate electronic upc catalog through GXS
  • mark all apparel, headwear and hardgoods merchandise with hibbett approved
  • quality vendor generated tickets including Hibbett retail and UPC (barcode and human readable). Footwear should be labeled with UPC (barcode and human readable) only. All merchandise should be labeled in compliance with all applicable laws
  • receive EDI purchase orders (850) and return a functional acknowledgement report (997) within 24 hours
  • transmit a timely and accurate EDI advance ship notice (856) to Hibbett with corresponding GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) carton labels and verify a functional acknowledgement (997)
  • transmit Hibbett EDI invoices (810) by shipment, each with a unique invoice number and verify a functional acknowledgement (997)
  • poly bag each apparel item on all shipments
  • pack all merchandise according to Hibbett’s packing instructions as determined by the edi po (850) (ie pack by store / ship to dc, bulk or musical size run prepacks) and Hibbett carton requirments
  • follow Hibbett’s corporate transportation requirements and routing guide, requesting routing instructions for each shipment
  • ship all purchase orders a minimum of 80% complete on the initial shipment unless written authorization is received from the buyer.

EDI testing is initiated only per the buyer’s request.

Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc. is committed to operating business with the highest level of integrity and ethical standards. If an improper practice or irregularity occurs, Hibbett will undertake any necessary corrective action, take appropriate steps to prevent recurrence and make any necessary disclosure of the improper practices or irregularities to the appropriate governmental authorities.

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