High-Level ASN

High-Level ASN Overview (H-E-B EDI Vendor Guidelines)

The H-E-B ASN should represent one shipment, or the contents of a single trailer. This shipment can include one or more PO numbers. If multiple Purchase Orders are defined on a single ASN, the hierarchical structure would be as on the picture below.

Pallets are used as the physical representation of the Tare Level. H-E-B utilizes the Pick and Pack ASN method for warehouse receiving. The required hierarchy levels (HL) are S,O,T,P,I

  • HL = S (Shipment)
  • HL = O (Order)
  • HL = T (Tare)
  • HL = P (Pack)
  • HL = I (Item)

High-Level Segments Below are the primary segments of interest to H-E-B. These elements are mandatory with a few exceptions. For simplicity we will address the Hierarchy or HL segments first (highlighted). We will then address segments within those Hierarchy Levels (HL). Finally we will provide complete sample ASN’s.

Ship Notice/Manifest (856), Version 4010, Functional Group = SH

High-Level ASN

M/O: Mandatory or Optional *DTM for Pack Level HL is mandatory, with code date, for product that has an expiration date.

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