HIPAA Claim Form

HIPAA Claim Form Requirements: Provider Signature on Claims

HIPAA Claim Form CMS-1500, American Dental Association (ADA) Dental Claim Form, and 2017 Claim Form must be submitted with the provider’s or an authorized representative’s handwritten signature (or signature stamp) in the appropriate block of the claim form. Signatory supervision of the authorized representative is required.

Providers delegating signature authority to a member of the office staff or to a billing service remain responsible for the accuracy of all information on a claim submitted for payment. Initials are only acceptable for first and middle names. The last name must be spelled out. An acceptable example is J.A. Smith for John Adam Smith. An unacceptable example is J.A.S. for John Adam Smith. Typewritten names must be accompanied by a handwritten signature; in other words, a typewritten name with signed initials is not acceptable. The signature must be contained within the appropriate block of the claim form.

Claims prepared by computer billing services or office-based computers may have “Signature on File” printed in the signature block, but it must be in the same font that is used in the rest of the form. For claims prepared by a billing service, the billing service must retain a letter on file from the provider authorizing the service. Printing the provider’s name instead of “Signature on File” is unacceptable. Because space is limited in the signature block, providers should not type their names in the block. Claims not meeting these specifications appear in the “Paid or Denied Claims” sections of the R&S Reports.

Providers billing as a group must give the performing provider identifier on their claims as well as the group provider identifier. This requirement excludes THSteps medical providers.

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