HIPAA EDI Training

HIPAA EDI Training in Washington, DC will be soon held by EDI Academy

HIPAA EDI Training conducted by EDI Academy is arranged for 9-11 August, 2016 as a part of the year-round EDI Academy training program throughout the USA and Canada. Washington HIPAA EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Training (August 09-10, 2016) and Advanced HIPAA EDI Training (August 11th, 2016) will be held at Marriott Marquis Washington DC.

EDI Academy has already recommended itself as one of the most experienced and reliable EDI training facilities in the USA and Canada. HIPAA EDI Training seminars coming soon in Washington, DC are the same seminars offered by the EDI Academy across the country. EDI training classes are taught by highly-qualified EDI professionals. All of them have at least 10 years of industry experience.

HIPAA EDI Training registration fee

  • HIPAA EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Training – $1,350
  • Advanced HIPAA EDI Training – $500 (if booking together with Best Practices).

Mention HIPAA EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices (August 09-10) Early bird registration – $1,350

HIPAA EDI Training program

HIPAA EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Training (August 09-10, 2016) includes the following topics:

  1. X12 EDI Fundamentals Training
    • EDI – its origin, history, and common terminology. Role of HIPAA Regulation
    • Standards Committees – such as ANSI X12 and WEDI and how standards are developed
    • EDI Translator – explain the role of the EDI Translator and EDI Mapper
    • Communication Options – FTP/SFTP and other Encryption methods
    • Define the Difference between a Clearing House and a Value-Added-Network
    • Personnel Involved – Explain the different roles and responsibilities involved in the EDI environment
  2. X12 EDI Translation and Business Application Training
    This session is the bulk of the course and it focuses on the nine Health Care EDI transactions:

    • 270 – Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
    • 271 – Health Care Eligibility Response
    • 276 – Health Care Claim Status Request
    • 277 – Health Care Claim Status Response
    • 278 – Health Care Services Review – Request for Review and Response
    • 837 – Health Care Claim Institutional, Dental, Professional
    • 835 – Health Care Claim Payment / Advice
    • 834 – Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
    • 820 – Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products
    • 837 Crosswalk Exercise to 1500 HCFA

There will be an implementation best practices section for each of the 9 transactions which will discuss the advantages to be gained and the pitfalls to avoid for each transaction. For the most popular transactions there will be a mapping exercise conducted. All the scenarios, case studies, examples and best practices are from real world Health Care EDI professionals.

We will explain how other standards are evolving (e.g. 275 attachments and 277 Request For Additional Information) and give recommendation for EDI forums and other neat tools.

Tuition is $1350 for the two-day course.  Registrations can be made on-line at http://ediacademy.com or by calling 877-334-6127.

Advanced HIPAA EDI Training (August 11th, 2016) seminar includes the topics:

  1. Section One: Enrollment, Eligibility and Prior/Referral Authorizations:
    • 834 Benefit Enrollment Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises and Implementation Concepts
    • 270/271 Eligibility Inquiry and Response – Advanced EDI Mapping
    • 278 Prior Authorization and Referral Authorization
  2. Section Two: Payments, Encounters and Billing:
    • 837 – Health Care Claim – Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises
    • 835 – ERA/EOB – Advanced EDI Mapping Exercises and Implementation Concepts
    • 277 RFAI/275 Attachments
  3. Loops and Nested Loops
    • In this section we’ll cover loops and nested loops. In addition we will discuss the HL segment (hierarchy level). We’ll explain how to structure and set the same maximum usage (loops) on the input and output side of the map.
  4. Other Mapping
    • In this segment of the Advanced EDI mapping class we will conduct XML-EDI and EDI-XML mapping.
  5. Mapping Best Practices
    • In this section you will learn a lot of mapping best practices, for example, connecting elements/segments at the same hierarchal level is very important. For example, you will learn to connect header level segments on the input side to the header level segments on the output side of a map, you will also learn how to map detail-to-detail, and summary-to summary sections.
    • In this section we will also cover the best practices of connecting elements/segments with the same data type. For example, you will learn how to map from numeric fields to numeric fields, date-to-date, string-to \-string. The instructor will illustrate the importance of using the same data type in both the input and output section the same map when possible.

In the process of mapping the instructor will explain that all segments/elements on the input side of the map will be in the file. For example, if in the CSV file a certain column is not being used, map it anyway. Some translators require all the fields be mapped and this is a good practice for troubleshooting.

Tuition is $500 (if booked together with EDI Fundamentals or for previous attendees). Registrations can be made on-line at http://ediacademy.com or by calling 877-334-6127.

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