HIPAA EDI Webinar: 420:7030 Introduction Before Release of the 7030 TR3s / Implementation guides

HIPAA EDI Webinar 420:7030 is a great opportunity to get a head start and start thinking about 7030 today as the X12N workgroup is just about half-way through public reviews. In the opinion of EDI Academy, the official release of the 7030 TR3s / Implementation guides will be by the end of 2020.

7030 Course agenda includes:

  • Overview of 7030 major changes to transactions
  • Overview of new EDI Transactions (e.g. 007030X326 Health Care Service: Data Reporting 837R)
  • Explain best practices and testing tools when migrating EDI Versions.
  • Overview of the timeline and public review process.

Webinar Times: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST – 2019 Dates: Apr 17th

This will be the first of many to come webinars on the topic of 7030. You can register for our webinars here right now or e-mail us info@ediacademy.com for more info.

On the healthcare side organizations such as Stanford Hospital, BlueCross & Blue Shield of Illinois, Healthnet, TriZetto Group, DST Health Solutions, Tampa General Hospital, Delta Dental of Michigan, Oklahoma State Dept. of Health, Stanford Hospital have all been very happy with the training that the EDI Academy has provided to them.

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