HIPAA EDI Quiz: Test your EDI knowledge on practical examples

Do you feel comfortable with terms like Submitter, Receiver, Billing Provider or Payer for the Claim? When someone sounds out EDI terms ISA, GS, ST, DTM, NM1, is it clear for you what this person means? Do you agree that Diagnosis Code numbers are not just “random numbers” in a claim?

We have prepared some free HIPAA EDI Quizzes to check the level of your Health Care EDI knowledge. Challenge your claim and EDI knowledge!

These practical exercises give you a possibility to practice real-world examples and find out gaps in your EDI knowledge. Share these quizzes with your colleagues to see who is better at EDI!

837 Professional Quiz

837 Institutional Quiz

837 Dental Quiz

835 Exercise

And as there is always room to grow, learn more about HIPAA EDI and become a certified  EDI professional at EDI Academy.

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