Hudson’s Bay Company Delivery Requirements

Hudson’s Bay Company Delivery Requirements listed below must be met in order to enable continuous flow of shipments and meet service levels through company DC.

Hudson’s Bay Company Delivery Appointment Scheduling

Hudson's Bay Company DeliveryAll purchases orders shipped through a Distribution Center (regardless of carton quantities) require a delivery appointment to be scheduled at the designated DC. The vendor must confirm all the ship dates and special instructions on the Purchase order. The expectation is that there will be a single appointment scheduled per delivery. An appointment must be scheduled to arrive in the DC within the ship window. Direct-to-Door shipments do not require a delivery appointment.

Timing of the appointment requests

AR orders are transmitted via EDI 850 and sent with immediate ship dates. Once the order is received the appointment must be requested. In the event that the vendor has multiple AR orders to ship, it is expected that the request for all the orders will be consolidated to a single appointment request. If the quantity to deliver exceeds a truckload, then Hudson’s Bay Company expects an appointment per truckload. All Other Orders must have the appointments requested 7 Calendar days prior to the start ship date.

Again, when multiple orders are being requested, it is expected that the orders will be consolidated to a single appointment. If the quantity to deliver exceeds a truckload, then HBC expects an appointment per truckload; where possible AR orders can be combined with other order types to a single appointment request per truckload. Vendors are responsible to account for the transit time to the dc when booking a collect freight appointment as the cancel date is the final in DC date.

For vendors using carriers designated by Hudson’s Bay Company (i.e. Collect POs), delivery appointments MUST be the following manner:

  • Appointments must be scheduled 48 hours prior to pick up. In addition, to avoid any late compliance penalties, the appointment date into the DC must be on or before the “Not After Date”. Vendors need to take into account transit time when setting pick up date
  • Product must be available for pick-up on the date arranged. Merchandise not available when designated carrier arrives may result in compliance penalty. Consolidate as much of the PO or multiple POs on a single appointment. Do not create multiple appointments each day or administration penalties will be applied
  • Appointment cancellations or alterations must be made at least 24 hours before the expected carrier pick up time or will be subject to compliance charges.
  • Appointments must be scheduled by 2pm the day prior to the “Not After Date” Otherwise it will be considered late and subject to late shipping charges
  • For vendors using carriers not designated by Hudson’s Bay Company (i.e. Prepaid POs), the appointment request must be made for the actual delivery date.

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