Identifying GTINs

Identifying GTINs In Kroger Outbound 5010 Maps

Identifying GTINs: Kroger EDI outbound 5010 maps (for transactions 810, 812, 830, 832, 850, 867, 875, 880) have the possibility of case items being sent as UPCs (UA qualifier) or GTINs (UK qualifier). The MFG id (which is made up of the package level indicator, the country code and a 6 digit prefix) is used to determine if the case items have been converted to GTINs or not. Kroger treats an entire MFG id as either being converted or not.

The MFG id is identified in one of the following ways:

1. UPC MFG id = ‘0’ (package level indicator) + first 7 digits (country code + 6 digit prefix) of the UPC

Example – UPC 001234577777 the MFG id would be 00012345 (0 + 0012345)

2. GTIN MFG id = replace the 1st digit (package level indicator) with ‘0’ + the next 7 digits (country code + 6 digit prefix) of the GTIN

Example – GTIN 10034567888889 the MFG id would be 00034567 (0 + 0034567)

GTINs will be sent out for case items in the 5010 EDI maps for:
1) Any MFG id that is identified at Kroger as converted to GTIN
2) Private label items (any of the MFG ids listed below)
3) KPCs (MFG id with a ‘4’ in the 3rd position / 1st position of the 6 digit prefix)
4) EANs (MFG id with a digit other than zero in the 2nd position / country code)

1. Converted MFG ids:

If a MFG id is identified as having been converted at Kroger, all items under that MFG id will be sent as GTINs. This would happen when Kroger has gone thru the GTIN conversion process with the owner of the MFG id.

If you own just a few items under a MFG id, the MFG id may have been converted even though your items have not been

2. Private Label MFG ids: 0 (package level indicator) + 0 (country code) + certain 6 digit prefixes

00001000 00001110 00002000 00003000 00004000 00011110
00011240 00041175 00041226 00041260 00041573 00341226

3. KPCs (any MFG id in the following format):

004xxxxx where 0 (package level indicator) + 0 (country code) + any 6 digit prefix beginning with ‘4’

4. EANs (any MFG id that has a country code other than 0):

0#xxxxxx where # (the country code) is any number > 0 and xxxxxx are any 6 digit prefix.

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