IIC EDI Requirements

IIC EDI Requirements For Trading Partners (Idaho Industrial Commission)

IIC EDI requirements state that trading partners can report directly via SFTP, use the IIC free web system (recommended for low volume use only), or use the EDI vendor of their choice. An EDI vendor is a company that sells EDI software or services to manage FROI and SROI reporting. All EDI vendors must successfully complete required testing with the Idaho Industrial Commission’s EDI contractor before live data transmissions begin. It is not an approved vendor list, is not exhaustive, and inclusion on the list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the IIC. The IIC cannot provide any assistance in a dispute between a Trading Partner and their chosen vendor.

IIC EDI Requirements Testing

Testing is a process used to determine whether you and IIC can send and receive EDI reports. Testing with IIC requires adherence to the IIC Test Schedule and the submission of required test transactions. Testing serves two purposes: 1) it ensures that all technical details of the transmission process are correct for all three systems — reporters, the network, and IIC; and 2) it requires that the data details within the specific transaction types meet IIC requirements. The sender will be responsible for evaluating the acknowledgement transactions IIC returns in response to the test.

IIC recommends that trading partners successfully test and implement FROI transmissions before testing SROI transmissions. IIC expects to use the data from the FROI transactions for consideration in processing the SROI transactions, so errors with FROI could impact SROI testing.

If you are an EDI vendor and wish to learn more about EDI and vendor integration. please visit our course schedule page.

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