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Implementing EDI Solution: Focus On a Network Provider Service

Implementing EDI solution for your business requires careful studying of your needs. With global trade and technology changing so rapidly implementing EDI solution can be difficult and will likely become more complex over time. The alternative for many companies is to outsource implementing EDI solution by EDI Service Providers. EDI outsourcing is growing in popularity. EDI Service Providers are in direct competition with vendors who offer software and services for Data Transport, Data Translation and Data Transformation. Both approaches are viable, but it is beyond the scope of this whitepaper to delve into the pros and cons of one method versus the other.

There are various solutions offered by third-party providers and the choice of the provider depends on your needs and requirements to your EDI system.

You can choose basic solution and pay just for definite service while implementing EDI. Or you can fully handle the responsibilities to the service provider. Besides basic range of service you can choose:

  • EDI deployment and support for your business partners
  • Trainings for company staff
  • Analyzing EDI documents and preventing bad data from reaching your company system
  • Control over EDI documents flow on all stages by the provider.

Also choosing a provider you should mention that it is more reliable to choose the company your trading partners are already working with – this will be a good strong base for implementing EDI solution for your business. Providers involved in active business relationships in your industry are a good choice. It will be better if a third-party provider has a developed international or local support and it is always possible to reach and rely on assistance. You can also ask about the role of a provider in the work of international or local EDI standardization bodies – the positive answer will be a big plus.

Speaking about the cost you must mention all the factors described above because your payment plan will depend on the range of services you choose. Most providers offer quite flexible plans according to the volume of the documents processed or depending on the monthly plan you choose.

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