Implementing EDI: Web EDI Solutions

When implementing EDI you have three general choices: Web EDI, EDI as a service and Integrated EDI. Today we speak about Web EDI solution.

Web EDI is the most basic level of implementation and could be a good first choice for light users or people just getting started. It allows users to conduct EDI transactions through an internet browser. It “translates” paper-based documents into a web form that contains fields users enter information into. Once the form is complete it converts the fields into EDI messages and sends them securely to trading partners. Users can also receive EDI messages. It can be customized to meet the needs of your trading partners. EDI standards are governed by standardization bodies, including GS1.

The benefit of Web EDI is that users do not have in install any EDI software or manage an EDI environment. The disadvantage is that it’s not scalable – meaning that it’s not efficient for large volumes of EDI transactions. Also, your trading partner may not support Web EDI. If they don’t, then EDI as a Service could be a good option.

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