Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets requirements and complience

The Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets basic definition and demands are described in today’s blog post. Indigo Books EDI label and 856 Advanced Ship Notice vendors must comply with all Indigo Books EDI label requirements that are listed below.

Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets Requirements:

For non-book items, Indigo Books & Music Inc. will require vendors to print price tickets and sticker/attach them on the products before they are shipped to Indigo, unless other arrangements have been negotiated with the buyer. Generally, a 1” X 1” label or larger will be acceptable.

Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets should contain the following information:

a) UPC Code
b) Retail Price (in $CAN)
c) Product Description.

The Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets must be sent to buyers at Indigo for approval, before they are ticketed on all the products on a mass level. Unless otherwise instructed by the buyers, bar-coded tickets should cover any other existing product codes to avoid confusion when scanning at the registers, or placed on the underside of the product.

Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets Indigo Books EDI

Non-EDI / ASN Vendors must ensure that Indigo Books EDI Price Tickets meet the following requirements:

  1. For non-EDI cross dock orders, each master carton must be labeled with destination store number, full address. Title, ISBN or UPC, Quantity in units & PO Number.
  2. Each carton must be labeled with Title, ISBN or UPC, Quantity & PO Number.
  3. Multiple carton, non-palletized shipments must be labeled sequentially as part of the whole (i.e. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, …).
  4. Fragile or other product requiring special handling must be clearly labeled using internationally accepted diagrams.
  5. Internationally Recognized Pictographs:
  6. If commodities require special handing or stowage, the packaging should be marked; this information should also appear on the Bill of Lading. Any cautionary markings must be permanent and easy to read.
  7. Use the languages of both the country of origin and the country of destination. The use of stencils is recommended for legibility – do not use crayon, which may be erased, tags or cards, which may become detached.
  8. Indigo has additional carton labeling requirements. These requirements include: On the end or side panel – Gross weight, Net weight.

Indigo Books & Music Inc. EDI Shipping

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