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Indigo EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgement

EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855) is an electronic document that is used to confirm the terms and details of the Purchase Order. Indigo requires the POA to be loaded into the company’s Warehouse Management System 72 hours after you receive the Purchase Order. If vendor POA is rejected due to an error, the POA must be retransmitted once the error has been corrected. If the POA is not in Indigo’s system, the company will base delivery performance KPIs on its original Purchase Order terms. A cost recovery charge may be applied for late and/or incomplete orders.

Vendor must review all terms of the Purchase Order and communicate any discrepancies to the respective Indigo Category Manager within three (3) business days (i.e. incorrect UPC, cost, pack size, quantity, delivery or CHO date, INCO terms, etc…). If an adjustment is required, vendor must await the receipt of a Purchase Order Change Notice (EDI 860), or an e-mail correspondence acknowledging the change(s), from the Indigo Category Manager, before filling/shipping the order.

If vendor does not communicate any discrepancies/required changes within the allotted 3 business days, the terms and order information on the original Purchase Order govern. Vendor must immediately notify the respective Indigo Buyer of any changes to Purchase Order terms that may arise at a later date, including any foreseen late shipments.

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