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Indigo EDI Advance Ship Notice

The ASN is an electronic document (EDI 856) that is used to describe the actual contents of a shipment. It is critical to ensure vendor ASN is loaded into Indigo Warehouse Management System prior to vendor shipment arriving at the DCs or Store locations. In order to ensure your ASN matches your shipment, please transmit the ASN once the door closes on the truck.

If vendor distribution facility is close to Indigo DC or delivery Store location, it may be necessary to stage your picked orders so the ASN can be generated before shipping. If your ASN is rejected due to an error, the ASN can be retransmitted with the same ASN number once the error has been corrected.

If the ASN is not in Indigo system when the load arrives at our DC or Store location, it could result in rejection or receiving delays. A cost recovery charge will also be applied. It is mandatory that the Bill of Lading # (BOL) associated with vendor shipment be included in the ASN. Failure to provide the BOL # could lead to vendor shipment being rejected at our Distribution Centre Appointment Desk.

If the actual BOL # is not available at the time of the ASN creation, please do the following:

  • Enter Indigo’s Purchase Order No. beginning with “45” in the BOL # field for the ASN;
  • Ensure that Indigo’s Purchase Order No. is noted clearly on the carrier’s shipping documentation that will be presented to Indigo’s Distribution Centre Appointment Desk. This will allow them to locate vendor ASN within Indigo’s warehouse management system and provide the carrier a dock door to unload your shipment.

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