Indigo EDI Purchase Order Vendor Requirements

Indigo EDI Purchase Order will specify the required fields like Purchase Order number, Creation Date, ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ locations and other. The full list of data specified on Indigo EDI Purchase Order:

  • Indigo Books & Music Inc. Purchase Order number. This is a 10-digit number beginning with the numbers 45 (i.e. 4512345678)
  • Purchase Order Creation Date
  • ‘Ship To’ and ‘Bill To’ locations (including Building #, Store #, SAN#
  • 13-digit case UPC code (being ordered)
  • Item Description
  • Vendor Manufacturing Part Number (if provided to Indigo via NISS)
  • Listing Case Pack Size for outer and inner cartons
  • Quantity (being ordered)
  • Unit Costs in currency of record for vendor
  • Delivery Date at the Ship To address
  • Carrier Hand-over Date (CHO Date) (if applicable)
  • INCO and FOB terms
  • Payment Terms
  • Method of Transportation.

As a clarification, please note that Online orders (i.e. POs cut for Online DC 970) are DC orders (these should not be considered as Store orders)

Indigo EDI Purchase Order Terms

  1. Vendor must deliver the items on the Purchase Order on the Delivery Date indicated onthe Purchase Order.
  2. For collect orders, vendor must deliver (or have the shipment ready in full for pick-up)on the CHO date indicated on the Purchase Order.
  3. Product ordered as part of one Purchase Order cannot be received against a differentPurchase Order.
  4. Indigo will place a Purchase Order for the UPC on the product; vendorgenerated/internal SKU numbers will not be used on Indigo Purchase Orders whenplacing an order.
  5. Vendor should not ship “substitute” or “replacement” UPCs. In this case, the current POline must be cancelled via Purchase Order Acknowledgment (with ACK29 code “CO”)and a new PO line must be created for the new UPC. This must be confirmed/approvedby the respective Indigo buyer.
  6. The Purchase Order quantity will be in “eaches” of product/UPC ordered (correspondingto individual units or assortment units).
  7. Indigo policy is to always order with the case UPC. Indigo does not currently support theuse of GTIN 14 product identifiers. It is imperative the case UPC on the Purchase Orderis what is shipped and is on the ASN. If the UPC is incorrect please contact the CategoryManager to have this corrected immediately upon receipt of the order. An incorrect UPCcan only be addressed by cancelling the line item on the Purchase Order (see section 5.5below – Purchase Order Change). A new Purchase Order will be generated with thecorrect UPC.

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