NPI Number

Billing With Individual NPI Number (Louisiana Healthcare Connections)

Providers must bill with their individual NPI number in box 24Jb and group or pay to NPI# in box 33a. The servicing location information in box 32 must be completed when it is different than the billing provider information in box 33. The provider NPI may be completed in box 32a.

Please note: Taxonomy requirements apply to boxes 24J and 33B on the CMS-1500 professional claim form and box 57 or box 81 on the CMS-1450/UB-04 facility claim. Claims missing the requirements will be returned, and a notice will be sent to the provider, which may result in payment delays. The only exception to the taxonomy requirement is if the provider has only one taxonomy on file. Such claims are not considered “clean” and therefore cannot be accepted into our system.

Louisiana Healthcare Connections Claims Billing Requirements

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