EDI integration

Integrating EDI into ERP system

Integrated EDI involves integrating EDI into your ERP system. You’ll need a B2B Gateway software solution, which will manage the relationships with your trading partners and exchange the EDI standard files with your trading partners using an agreed-upon method of exchange. You’ll also need EDI Translation Tools, which translate EDI standards messages into electronic files that your ERP system can process.

Integrated EDI is scalable, meaning it can handle large volumes of transactions, reliable, and immediate. Also, the cost per transaction is low. However you’ll need to have software to support it and it requires a high upfront cost to begin. There are also ongoing system maintenance costs and you will need people to manage the system. Integrated EDI is good for companies that are committed to EDI, that may want to expand EDI transactions beyond order-to-cash transactions, and that have high volumes of EDI transactions.

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