International shipments

Do it Best Corp. International Drop Shipment Orders Requirements

Any international drop ship purchase order from a Do it Best Corp. member or affiliate requires vendor to complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Do it Best Corp. for credit authorization at 260/748-5375.
  2. A packing list (copy) and an invoice (copy) must accompany drop shipments sent to the freight forwarder to prevent delays and storage charges to Do it Best members. Invoices must show net prices; no discount billings allowed on invoices. Discount billings result in Do it Best members paying higher customs duties.
  3. Drop shipments to Mexico require a completed and signed NAFTA certificate of origin be sent with the merchandise at the time of shipment.
  4. Drop shipments to Central America and the Dominican Republic require a Certificate of Origin be sent with the merchandise at the time of shipment.
  5. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Declarations (IMDG) must accompany any Do it Best Corp. export order containing hazardous goods.
  6. Any acknowledgements or confirmations of the order should be faxed directly to the Do it Best Corp. member not to the Do it Best Corp. office in Fort Wayne.
  7. All free merchandise must have a nominal value indicated for customs purposes. This includes literature, POP material, and samples.
  8. The Vendor is the U.S. Principal Party in Interest for all exported direct or drop shipments to the Do it Best Corp. member/affiliate and should be indicated as such on all Electronic Export Information Filings.

It is vendor responsibility to make sure all personnel involved in the handling of these orders are aware of these requirements. This may include vendor’s:

  • Sales Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Order Department
  • Shipping Department.

It is extremely costly and time consuming for Do it Best Corp. personnel and its members or affiliates to track down invoices, packing lists and the certificate of origins required on drop shipments from Do it Best Corp. vendors to its international members and affiliates.

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