International Shipment Labeling

International Shipment Labeling Guidelines

International Shipment Labeling procedures for Adient suppliers require special labeling, other than the Odette standard. Adient Trade Compliance team should be contacted to assist in obtaining the proper labels required if needed according International Shipment Labeling procedures. When shipping sample parts for Adient part submission or new revision level, the “Sample Part” label must be utilized and must contain the name of the site Packaging Engineer and / or the person expecting to receive the container. Packaging Test shipments must have a “Sample Parts” identification label placed in a highly visible area and must contain the name of the site Packaging Engineer and / or the person expecting to receive the container.

Adient’s requirements for shipping labels are based on the Odette / AIAG bar-coded format. Reference the AIAG Parts Identification and Tracking Application (B-4) document and the AIAG Trading Partner Labels manual (B-10) for labeling specifications.

Odette, Euro-Supplier Labeling Option

Adient recognizes the European automotive industry approved Odette transport label for the identification of packaging and container contents for suppliers located in Europe. The label is ‘A5’ size, and has standard printing with the addition of bar coding. It may be self-adhesive for expendable packaging or can be printed on paper and placed in a pouch or affixed to the container.

Adient SAP Implementation GTL Label Requirement

Adient began rolling out SAP to its plants in 2011. With that implementation, a new requirement for using the Global Transport Label began. This replaces any of the label requirements above. If you supply any of the plants live on Saturn SAP, this requirement applies to you. The label specification can be found in the forms section of the supplier portal. 4.5.8 2D Barcode Requirements Adient requires a 2D barcode to be utilized on the label. Below are some of the requirements for the 2D barcode” 1. PDF417 is the required 2D barcode.

Minimum 2D barcode data content requirement

  • Part Number (P)
  • Quantity (Q)
  • Serial Number (S)
  • Vendor Number (V)
  • Optional or as required 2D barcode data content:
    • Delivery Number (packing slip) (2S)
    • Manufacturing Date (12D)
    • Batch or Lot (1T)
    • Container Type (B)
    • Eng. Change Level (2P).

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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